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        Tablet computers are lightweight, thin, portable devices that feature a touchscreen as the primary input instead of a mouse and keyboard. A reading tablet or e-reader is similar to a tablet computer, but mainly used for reading e-books or periodicals. Some e-readers feature specialized screens which reduce eyestrain. Aside from that, they do not offer as much functionality as a tablet computer.

        TigerDirect offers an extensive selection of Android tablets, iPads and Tablet PC抯 including the latest models from popular brands such as Apple, Samsung, HP, and Lenovo. Take advantage of all our deals and buy the best tablet for your personal or business needs.

        Recent Customer Reviews

         Great For Kids!
        "Worked great for my son. Very durable and easy to use."
        -DANIEL SNIHUR, January 5, 2018


         Thrilled, Great Value
        "I have had the refurb Pro 3 for a few weeks nows and I am completely satisfied. I upgraded from a Surface 2 so the difference is night and day. While I understand that this model is few years old it has more processing capacity than I will ever need. I love the fact that the Pro 3 can be used as a tablet or a desktop ( I use a MK360 combo for desktop mode)as a full functioning Win 10 PC. I'm a big fan of refurb products as they have been completely overhauled by a certified tech and are equal to or exceed new equipment in quality and reliability. For this price it is a great deal and I highly recommend it."
        - JIM MORELAND, February 22, 2018


         Great Product!
        "I have been using the Surface Pro 3 for a month now and it's great! No problems so far and I predict that I won't have any issues at least in the near future. It's a great price for a great product. It's a steal for the quality! I would highly recommend it."
        -ELENA GRIGORAS, March 1, 2018


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